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Oct 11, 2012 8:30am PDT
remove him. who are the three because they didn't come and ask me/#u;ñ any. are you scared to come to hunter's point? speaker. >> hi. my name is -- i'm here to support ross and his family. two years ago, i met ross and and a neighbor, who every older personçfnfñ or young person in neighborhood, he's befriended everyone thatqawát come across. and he's a very nice man. and i come here personally to tell you that80j6 he's a great, and his family has suffered a so you know he has been with you, he has walked with you, hr been a great man as a supervisor, and he has/)-86 been elected to be a goodtdz sheriff. so tonight i come here -- i ask you to please-<.: restore him te the sheriff that he was elected tovw&gl be. any decision tonight, think spent with you, and worked with you throughout the city, to do big projects, and make this city the great city, and think about all this time, and bring his family together, and give him his job back. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> hello. my name is alicia begines. i have three points to make and begin by first staying to
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
worrell, 55 old, with her 1-year-old four,on, at two, and 7-year-old children of .eceased n the house were able to get out safely. u heard about the man that jumped out. at this point, fire are trying to determine what started the blaze. there is a tremendous amount of suspicion in this neighborhood recently there had been o arson fires in the neighborhood but the cause remains undetermined. thank you. metropolitan police have ofntified the victim shooting in front of gallaudet university in northeast. troxler wasgregory shot. >> we now know what killed the at the national zoo. xiang's baby died just two weeks ago. releaseds after being the pan the yard, it xiangs that mother mei into herndon immediately. she is out for the first time the death of her panda cub. >> mei xiang is looking almost point, shes has started eating about 80% of bamboo and biscuits. the cub, believed to be a female, suddenly died. scientists and veterinarians gettingthat she was not oxygen to her lungs because of the damaged liver. the cause of death was liver necrosis, the death of liver cells. also evidence of lun
Oct 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
presiddntial debate takks place n tuesday. 3 after a 12th inning loss to the yankees... it all comes down to tonight.morran adsit the players are aying about situation tonight.ust-win tonight. ((taae pkg)) 3 the u-s anti-dopinggagency sayssii now has an overwhelming amount of armstrong... and the cycling team hh rode with. on wednesday... the agency released the findings of iis report... which includes mooe than a thousand pages of evidence and sworn sttteeents by 26 saaddthe 7-time tour de france chhmpion was nvolved in quote "the most ssphisticated, &pprofessionnlizeddand successful doping program" in the sport. armstrong has denied ever using perffrrance- ennancing drugs. convicted murderer, dree peteeron... is asking for a new trial. trial.the former chicago sentencing... for the murder g of his third ife, kathleen savio. peterson's request for a nnw trial is based on ineffective assistance of his lawyer.he claims his attorney repeatedll lled to him... and told him to seek as muchh puulicity as possible.nnw... his new attorney is speaaing &pout. "dii that fighting between unfai
Oct 11, 2012 9:00am PDT
proportionally and please reinstate our sheriff ross mirkarimi. thank you. next speaker4 u. >> good evening. my name isd roya cyrus. i've been a teacher in california public school systems 1acérju over 20 years. i work in an impoverished and crime ridden school district area. i had tobz n <ç(ey any relationship q is controlling, fear-based, is domestic violence because if it starts with a grab by the arm,2 there will be other triggers that will come up that will cause that domestic violence cycle to increasequ levels. and i know people look at it as just a bruise of the arm. i getjh%(áuráq" very easily but i can tell you based off the videos that i saw, anyhz%r relationship that is fear-based, 4gwz$mntrolling, you're alienating a spouse from their family, you are controlling their%7[ is all part of the cycle of violence. so i stand here today toy)q say that our law enforcement arewñ first responders to domestic acts in the home. and i ask that [ge5e will take into consideration a survivor, it has affected my family and itg)h60 been a life-long journey to be able to come out of
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 9:00pm EDT
way over to egypt. thwe pemny.ryin to t u t soen tra - a i a horrible tragedy, losing ambassador stevens, when this happened, the first thing that came to mind is, how do we cover up the big lie? th heeh malf n problem in succeeded. in an effort to cover up the big lie, you have the daily lyings on the terrorist issue and the president goes, we know they ew it was terrorism within the first day. th.n anyseoeopresident goes to de s t sit w spontaneous, lie. they said it was video, lie. the libyan president told us in day 1 and intelligence told them. the state department is saying, we knew it had nothing to do with the video. knen' san. avmaprm h. me bo bnd this debate, for just a second here. because they have sequestered this guy for over a week n, preparing him, you know, i guess, you know, filling his head full of zingers,s ty yow, ithe wes dythdi sms to be able to figure this out that they have a four-year record. it's a failed record. no matter what they say that -- congreman ryan gets to say -- why didn'do you that? iss what youo. itmse reylo >>l,k,h you are going to see th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5